Turtle Wax Polishing Compound Review – Scratch Removal?

This is my review on the Turtle Wax Polishing Compound & Scratch Remover. Turtle Wax was my dad’s favourite brand and he was a life long fan. As you probably know by now I am a Meguiars fan so it was interesting to check out this compound, even for sentimental reasons. The tub it comes in has a bright modern look but it still reminded me of the one I used to see in his garage.

I don’t think that image will ever leave me to be honest. Anyway enough of nostalgia and let’s get on with the review. Turtle Wax products are still the biggest selling car care products in the world and their origins are from Chicago in the USA. I knew before I reviewed this that it was not going to be a poor quality product but I did want to find out just how good it was.

I tried it out on a Mazda 6 in a Royal Blue colour as I find that this car shows up any residue pretty easily. This particular car also had some light oxidisation and quite a few swirl marks from the previous owner mis use of an electric polisher.

My Review

This takes a lot of work and a lot of rubbing to get the results that I wanted. In my opinion it does a good job but you do have to work your ass off to get that result. It does represent good value for money and in the ranges of polishing compounds this one is considered a cheap price. Some of the other brands are double the price.

If you don’t know what you are doing with car polishing compounds then you can make your car a lot worse. This one is coarse enough to get the job done and it won’t be over abrasive so safe to use by most people as long as they don’t get too over zealous with their efforts. For me it is good for removing things like:

  • Bird crap
  • Light oxidisation
  • Tree sap
  • Water stains

It shifted all of these off the Mazda with just a little effort. The swirl marks took a great deal more work than I would have with Meguiars but the good news is I guess it is half the price. Money for less effort I guess.

Top Tip

Do one small section at a time because this compound dries faster than a walnut in hell.

Here is a typical quote from a buyer of the product on Amazon and it sums up what this Turtle Wax compound and scratch remover is all about.

“Inexpensive, effective solution August 6, 2011
By D. DeBoer
Amazon Verified Purchase
For us repainting an ageing vehicle was not worthwhile, but the with that age came scratches and surface deterioration. Use of this compound greatly helped smooth flaws in the surface of the paint, blended scratches in the paint, and overall improved the appearance of the vehicle. Not a miracle cure, but for the cost and limited effort involved this made for a very cost effective update for an ageing vehicle. This will help us hold onto the vehicle for at least another couple of years (fingers crossed).”

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