Top Car Wax Ratings – Best 6 Car Waxes Reviewed

Welcome to my review on car wax ratings. In this article I have examined and researched the different types of car wax that are currently in the market and I have given them a rating based on my own experience. I have also included other reviews where I have been able to find them from other users.

Hopefully this will be enough to be able to create a good understanding of what the best car waxes are. There were many hundreds of products to chose from but I selected the best selling car wax products that are available rather then try and test and review too many. I generally find that they are the best selling products for a very good reason and it makes genuine comparisons much easier to do.

Top Car Wax Ratings Explained

Like any research, it is always based on opinion and it does not take account as to whether people actually used the product as shown by the manufacturer. However if you can collect enough information then it does give you an overall guide as to how good the product actually is. I base my own car wax ratings on ease of application, ease of removal and the overall finish and protection. I then rated the overall product on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.

As part of this evaluation I examined and tested the following six very popular products:

  • Turtle Wax Original Car Wax Liquid
  • Turtle Wax Color Magic Plus
  • Simoniz Rinse Off Wax
  • Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax
  • Autoglym Aqua Car Wax
  • Mer Hybrid Wax

Car Wax – My Results


PRODUCT                                      RATING

Turtle Wax Original Car Wax Liquid 7
Turtle Wax Color Magic Plus            8
Simoniz Rinse Off Wax                     7
Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax      10
Autoglym Aqua Car Wax                  9
Mer Hybrid Wax                                8

All of the products that I tested did a good job overall but for me the clear winner was Meguiars. They were all easy enough to apply and also easy enough to take off and buff. I did however find with the Turtle wax products that it took a little extra elbow power to remove these. That said they still did a good job with the shine and the protection lasted for about 3-4 weeks.

Other Wax Ratings – Reviews

Top Car Wax Ratings Explained

I found other wax ratings on various websites and forums and I have included some of these below so as you can see their opinions on the products. As a general comment the original Turtle wax product did seem to be favoured by the older generation and they have been using it for many years with good and consistent results. That is a clear indication of buyer behaviour and brand loyalty which is a good sign for any product.

In the case of the Turtle Color Magic product range, these are waxes that are aimed at specific car colours and have been designed to fill in the small scratches and swirls you sometimes get on the car’s bodywork. They appeared to do a very good job on these and I tested it myself on about 5 different cars all with the same good results. The feedback from other users was similar in that when they used this product those hairline scratches did disappear after a few applications and they all commented on the good value for money.

Review after review on any ratings that I could find raved about the Meguiars product and I have to agree. It is so simple to apply, remove and buff that it makes car waxing almost enjoyable. The results and protection offered are fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone.

Here is one quote from a review at Halfords

“I have tried virtually every polish there is, but get fed up with the residue they leave especially on the black trim of my car and motorbike. Decided to buy this product and Wow, wipe on using the applicator, a little goes a very long way, wipe over the paintwork and plastic trim, Polish lightly with the microfibre cloth provided and get out the sunglasses. The shine this product gives is exceptional. Flies wipe/rinse off and the gloss lasts for ever. The plastic trim shines as well.
Brilliant product.”

You will find reviews like the one above every time you read about this product. It really is that good and I would not use anything else because of the results.

Simoniz have been making great car care products for years and although this wax gave a great shine I had to work pretty hard to remove the white residue. It does leave a good shine and the protection is also good. Like all manufacturers they say you should use this in conjunction with their other shampoos etc. Even when doing this I didn’t find much of a difference as the residue remained pretty stubborn to remove.

The Autoglym Aqua Car Wax is also a very good wax. It is probably the easiest one to apply and remove quickly and the results are impressive according to the reviews I have read at both Amazon and Halfords. This also appeared to be used by older drivers with two cars or more and when they used it, they seldom went back to using anything else. I liked using this wax and if Meguiars wasn’t available it would certainly be my next choice.

All god car wax ratings should include the protection element and especially how they can deal with the rain. When a car wax is applied it should be able to deal with the weather and it should show up as beads on your car when the rain hits it. I found with all these top products that this was the case and perhaps the best one for this was the Mer Hybrid. It seemed to deal with this part very well although for me it was the hardest one to apply. One of my neighbours is a huge fan of this product and again he will not use anything else. I hope you have found these car wax ratings useful and informative.


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