Best Car Detailing Tools Reviews 2017

Here we review what we believe to be the best car detailing tools and products, that are currently available on the market. As you may know, on this site I recommend what I think are the best polishes, waxes and cleaning products.

We use many of these in my car detailing business so we hope we know what we are talking about. Another important element, that is easy to forget, is the actual detailing accessories that you can get to the best use out of your car care products.

I am sure you have heard this statement, “You are only as good as the tools you use,” and I happen to think there is a lot of truth in that.

Now of course you do have to know what you are doing, but having the right accessories will just make this easier. Almost always it makes the job quicker as well, and gives you a professional looking finish.

car detailing accessories

Car Detailing Accessories

There are a ton of detailing accessories that you can use for detailing your car. When you do this every day as a living you do soon get to know the ones that are good, and those that are utter junk.

Think of fiber towels, brushes, drying towels, polishers etc and you will get an idea of both the number of these available, and the many types and brands on the market.

I have watched a lot of people wash their car, using a sponge that has seen better days. I then watch in some horror as they grab some old cloth from the kitchen, that was once used for drying dishes, and dry off their cars and vehicles. So many times I want to scream at them, but they are my neighbours, so I smile and walk on by.

What we have tried to do here is assemble the best car detailing tools that we use ourselves.

At least that way we know that we can tell you honestly about why we use these every day and not some other product. Let’s break these down into a few groups which may help make your decision a lot easier.

Car Detailing – The Chamois

Car detailing chamoisThe most popular of these are always made from a soft leather, but there are also synthetic versions of these available. The main purpose of these is to help dry your car, and as such they need to have good water lifting and retention properties.

They can also double up as a towel, and are good for use on windows around the house. (Don’t tell my wife that though)

The leather varieties can help a lot with a shine, whereas the synthetic versions don’t really work that well. It all comes down to price in my opinion and for me the synthetic ones work just fine. We use ones called “Absorber” as they are just the best value for money around at the moment.

You can find these over online at at Amazon


Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber TowelThere are a lot of drying towels around and the “Chemical Guys” Microfibers are all we really use. If you really want to get an amazing finish, then follow what the professional detailers do, and buy this one.

Sometimes you use a product and just go WOW. Well this is one of those for me. This single towel will dry almost any size of car from front to rear in about 5 minutes and will leave it streak free, and gleaming.

In the past we used a lot of the chamois type of product. They did a good enough job, but nothing quite compares to this baby.

We have used others such as the Guzzler range and they are also good. This one though is the one that we will always revert to. That is based on the highly competitive price point, and the fact that it just plain works each and every time.

To be honest we found that many of its competitors try to sell their products by giving them fancy names like the Ultimate, or the Superior. They also try making them in a range of colours.

That is all distraction as far as we are concerned and much prefer something that works and lasts for a long time.

Check Out the Chemical Guy Professional Microfiber Towels at Amazon

Car Detailing – Drying Tools

If you ever have to go to a warehouse that sells car detailing products, you will find some pretty strange gadgets. These are things like a Chamois and towel wringer. Yes I kid you not.

chamois towel wringer

I know someone who has one of these, but I have never seen them use it. People who buy these like them, but as we have never used one, it would be unfair for us to comment. For now we will stick with wringing them out by hand.

It is the same for these blades that you can buy to help do the windscreens of cars. We used the California Water Blade in the past. It is a good enough product, but we find using the cloth above just as good and we think there is no need for this one.

However it is worth mentioning that those who bought and used this simply loved it.

Car Detailing – Microfiber Products

There are lot of these, but we only use one type. Here is a link to where we have reviewed those.

Car Detailing Kits

Like most of the products above, you can buy hundreds of car detailing kits, from a whole range of brands. Personally we prefer something reliable that continually delivers great results. We have used many over the years, and have always reverted back to the Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit.

Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box KitIf you click on that link above, you can read our full review, on why we think that one is the best, currently available on the market.

If you want to try something a little bit different for black cars, then try the Turtle WaX T-3KT Black Box Kit.

In this detailing kit, you get a cleaner/conditioner, a Carnauba wax, 2 spray detailers and a couple of applicator pads. Buyers really seem to like this one.

We have used it and find it really good on black vehicles of all manufacturers. You can check the current price over at Amazon, but you should be able to find it for less then $17-18.

The Adam’s Essentials is also a good detailing kit, but we find that one to be really expensive, and even though it gives great results, the price is a bit off putting. Likewise the Chemical Guys do a great kit, but again pretty expensive.