Review of Meguiars G17516 Ultimate Quick Wax

The G17516 wax from Meguiars is one of the best selling in the wide range of car waxes. It would seem that more and more vehicle owners are turning to this product to get the job of waxing done a great deal quicker. With over 200 high rated reviews, we thought that we should check it out to see what results we could get.

Have a look at the video below where it is used on a black car. If you like that “wet look.” then this one does a pretty good job of that.

When we used it, our favorite thing was the ease of use. It is also long lasting as you can see if you check out the video below. The chap in that video shows the state of his red car, about a week and a half after applying the Meguiars G17516, and I think we can agree that it still looks pretty good.

You should also notice just how easy it is to make the application, and that was the main thing we liked about using this product.

What Buyers Think of the G17516 Wax

As I mentioned earlier, the wax gets pretty good reviews. With an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, that is just about as good as you would hope to get after so many reviews. Most people would agree with us that the “mist-on” makes this pretty easy to apply. It is also pretty easy to buff as well, and it leaves you with a pretty pleasing result. As you know the white streaking or dust is not always that easy to avoid, but this one leaves little or nothing behind on your vehicle.

Here is what one buyer had to say

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I love this stuff
By Alex on March 9, 2011
Size Name: 15.2 oz. Verified Purchase
I have tried a few of these products and they all left this white film on the car. This stuff is great, not only does it not leave a film you can use it on all of the rubber and black trim and even windows with no streaks! I am thinking of spraying this on me to see if I look better!


Now of course we would not recommend spraying yourself, but we do get what Alex means by this. We tried it out on a few older cars and it does bring them up really well.

It Is All About the Speed

[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B001O7PNS2″ cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”biooilrev06-20″]If you have the time and patience to apply a wax and then take your time at doing a professional buffing job, then yes there are better choices than this one. However, if like many people you are pushed for time, then this spray style of wax works a treat. The real value you get from this is not necessarily the shine, though that is good, but it is all about the rain protection.

This wax beads really well and offers a high degree of protection to your car. For us a wash, a polish and a proper wax can eat up about 2 hours of your valuable time. We used this product and were finished in about 20 minutes with great results. Meguiars describe this product as hydrophobic, which means a fear of water. Now normally I am not into all this marketing hype, but I would not disagree with the use of that term, when it comes to the G17516.

Applying The Wax

We would recommend that you wash the car first and then allow it to fully dry. After that then just apply this wax and as always do one section at a time. Use a good quality microfiber towel to apply and another one to buff it off. Around 20-30 minutes later we believe that you will be properly impressed with the results.

This one worked ok in direct sunlight, but it is always best to avoid that type of weather condition if at all possible. It just takes a lot less effort if the sun is not drying up the wax, as soon as it is applied.

It also helps a great deal in avoiding white streaks or dust that is sometimes left by waxes. We applied this one to a black car which shows up just about anything, and we saw no visible signs of dusting. That is unusual but of course very welcome.

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Excellent Product
By R. Thaden on August 25, 2009
Size Name: 15.2 oz. Verified Purchase
This stuff is so easy to use that I apply it every couple of weeks to keep my car’s paint looking it’s best. Just start with a clean car, then spray it on and wipe it off (with a good microfiber towel of course). There’s no white residue left behind, just a great looking car. When used regularly, Ultimate Quick Wax will make whatever other wax you use last longer, so you don’t have to do the very time consuming wax on wax off routine as often. Plus the car will always look like you just waxed it. I only use Meguiar’s products and I highly recommend them.

We of course checked around for any negative reviews. We found a handful and the common theme was that this didn’t last, the next time you washed your car. Yes this can be frustrating of course, but given how long it takes to apply another coat of this, we don’t think it matters a great deal.

The key purpose for buying this product is all about speed and it is an ideal choice for those who want their car to look great, but do not have the time to use a normal car wax product.


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