Does Meguiars Ultimate Compound Remove Scratches

So can Meguiars Ultimate Compound really deal with and remove most types of scratches? That is a very good question indeed. You probably know I like a lot of the Meguiars products but this isn’t a question that I have been asked before so I had to actually go and check this one out for myself.

We use quite a bit of this compound at out shops so the best way was to find out if this worked on scratches or not was to just try it on a car. We get quite a few in through the day so someone was going to get these scratches sorted for free, providing of course that it worked.

It’s probably important here to put in a bit of a caveat as to the definition of scratches. I am talking here about scratches like swirl marks and the like or really small and surfaces scratches. No compound is going to shift a scratch that has broken through the paint layers. That will require some type of professional fixing and most likely a re-spray.

I shocked a few of the staff when I turned up to do this and I think the best way I can describe this is to say they were bemused by my appearance. They were probably even more shocked when they saw I was actually going to do some work. This is not something that I do every day as these days, I am firmly based in the office.

Meguiars Compound And A Scratched Chevrolet

Anyway, I tried this out on a Chevrolet that had pretty obvious swirling marks on most of the car. Did it work? It worked a treat I am glad to say. So to answer the question it is a resounding yes. As you probably already know I am a Meguiars fan and I had plenty of confidence in the actual product. To be honest it didn’t take a great deal of elbow grease to get the swirling marks off.

The product is good and if you read all the reviews you will see that I am not the only one who thinks like that. As I mentioned earlier this compound deals pretty quickly with very feint marks, or water marking. That is what it is intended to do and it certainly ticks that box.



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Rob - 3 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to create this site and provide product reviews.The reviews were very helpful in my product selection. I am very happy with the results acquired by using Meguires polish and wax that are recommended on your site.



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