Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound Reviews

Welcome to my Meguiars Ultimate Compound review which I hope you find useful. Let’s start by having a look at what the manufacturer states that this compound will actually do, should you decide to use it.

As you know many manufacturers are good at making claims, but does this product actually live up to what they claim it does.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound Feature & Benefits

So according to the manufacturer this product will:

  • Remove all swirl types of markings
  • Get rid of oxidation build ups
  • Remove minor scratches
  • Get rid of those truly annoying water marks
  • Will clear the surface of your car from all of the above without scratching
  • Will leave the car looking like new and also add a gloss coat

These are as you can see might claims indeed so let’s see if they lived up to an actual application and what that looked like when finished.

The first place I always check before testing anything myself is to go to Amazon and check the reviews.

The reason that I do this is that these are left by people who actually buy and use the product. They also then take the time to leave their reviews. These are therefore honest reviews left by real buyers and if there are a lot of them it gives you a much better sense of the product.

Review of Meguiars Ultimate Compound by Amazon Buyers

There were 109 customer reviews and they rated this product at 4.4 out of 5 stars which is a very good review.

  • 5  Star Reviews – 68%
  • 4 Star Reviews – 13%
  • 3 Star Reviews – 7%
  • 2 Star Reviews – 5%
  • 1 Star Reviews – 5%

So, in summary around 81% of users rated the Meguiars Ultimate Compound at 4 stars or higher. Those reflect very good reviews and any rating higher than 4 with this number of users is a good sign.

Once I have looked at these and they are good I then like to buy the product and conduct my own reviews.

Personal Review of Meguiars Ultimate Compound

At around $9 it is not an expensive product to buy and all I needed to find out now was if I liked it or not when I used it.  I have worked as a professional car detailer and I know what I like and don’t like.

If a product is bad I will tell you that, but one thing I have found in my experience is that not that many people read the actual instructions.

I do because then I know it has been done right and if the product doesn’t work then at least I know I applied it correctly. Overall I would rate this product at a 4.3 as I think it did a very good job.

I used it on a very dull and lifeless Prius from 2006 so the car was just over 6 years old and had seen better days in terms of the paint work. The engine had around 75,000 miles on the clock so it had been used by an average type of driver.

Before I started I checked the car and there was a lot of swirling. This had clearly happened because of the misuse of some type of electric rotary polish.

Overall the car had not been that well looked after and the paint work was dull and there were a few minor scratches. The rear paint work around the rear lights had suffered a little rust and the chrome quite frankly was a mess.

I applied and removed this compound by hand doing around a 3 square feet area at a time. It was easy to get one and a bit tougher to get off but worked a treat.

It worked really well on the oxidisation and brought the colour back really well.  It did remove all the light swirls but some of them it didn’t though those particular swirls were actually pretty deep.


  • Top notch at restoring dull oxidised paint
  • Removes all light swirls and diminishes deeper ones
  • Restores to a good gloss
  • Worked on small scratches


  • It does take a bit of muscle to remove
  • Ideally you would need a dual buffer for best results

The Overall Verdict

If you look after your car then the odd application of this will work a treat. I would strongly recommend a buffer for removal as you do get better results.

It worked well on swirls and light scratches and even removed very light rust marks around my rear lights. When you have applied this then we would also recommend applying Meguiars Ultimate Polish to really finish off the job.


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