Meguiars Complete Car Care Kit Rated & Reviewed

I believe the Meguiars Complete Car Care Kit represents very good value for your hard earned money. This car care kit has everything you need and is high quality. In my line of work I use a lot of different car care products and I believe that this one is right at the top of the range.

I say this for a couple of reasons. The quality of the products you get is extremely high and they have the right products in the kit.

Here is what you get for your money

What’s Inside The Meguiars Complete Car Kit?

  • Shampoo and conditioner foams for thorough washing (16 oz)
  • A quality liquid wax for protection (16 oz)
  • A very good tire protector for long lasting shine
  • A car detailer (16 oz)
  • Clay bars with instructions
  • Soft foam pad
  • Microfiber wash mitt
  • Microfiber towel

That is about as complete as you can get. Does it have everything you need? I have never seen one that does but I can tell you this one comes pretty close to being just that. As you will already know from this site I am pretty passionate about my cars and looking after them. This one I would use on any of my cars without a second thought. What makes it really good is the value for money which I think is exceptional.

If you were buying these as individual items I know that you would pay a whole lot more to assemble something like this.

Gold Class Wash – Put this on to the mitt and get the perfect wash. I have seen this easily remove tar spots, oil and annoying bird dirt

Clay – Read the instructions carefully to give thee perfect smooth finish

Scratch X – After the wash then apply this which removes unseen environmental contaminants in preparation for waxing

Gold Class Liquid Car Wax – Easy to use put on and take off and does a great job.

I use the detailers for what I call a quick once over. If you are out shopping with your partner for example then rather than bore myself to death in the store, I stay outside and give the interior and exterior a quick work over with these detailers. I may as well make some good use out of my time.

Personally I am always a little wary about buying these so called kits as what tends to happen is that you may get a couple of useful products and then they use fillers. Many manufacturers will bulk out car care kits with cheap chrome cleaners, interior fabric sprays etc. However I have to say with the Meguiars complete car care kit, you just get practical quality products that you can actually use.

That is what makes this kit stand out from many of the others in my opinion.

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This kit allows automotive enthusiasts worldwide to pamper, condition, and protect their treasured vehicles. The fact that this Meguiar’s kit is actually “complete” with premium-quality products is what sells this regularly. Quality at a good price will always sell in my opinion.


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