Meguiars Clay Bar Review & Ratings

Welcome to my Meguiars clay bar review on the various clay bars and clay bar kits that this manufacturer actually makes. I will review these clay bars in my own order of preference to save you reading through lots of information and just do these in what I think are the best products and making my way down through them.

Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit

The purpose of any clay kit is to improve the duration of how long your wax will last when completed.

These clay kits are nothing more than a means of getting the surface of your vehicle smooth, so as it will take a good wax, and then the actual length of how long this wax will be improved. In simple terms the smoother the surface of your car is then the better your wax will work and it will also give off what is termed a “mirror finish” look.

There are a few things that you would expect a good clay bar to do or indeed a good clay bar kit and these are:

      • Must be non-abrasive
      • Remove any surface contaminants
      • Give a smooth surface when finished

These are the basic requirements to get the surface of your car ready for a good wax application and any clay bar that doesn’t do this is not worth its salt. I have used a lot of these over time and this one does a good job.

I don’t think it is the best as such but I do think it is the best result in terms of value for money which is why I have placed it first in this list.

The best one I think overall is Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System but I just find that one a little expensive for most people. That one is an extra couple of dollars and although I believe it works better the difference is small. However if you can find it in a sale then buy it for sure.

Review of the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay

As I mentioned earlier if you want to get rid of deeply ingrained dirt, paint over spill or anything of that nature then always use a clay bar. This particular clay is mild compared to others that I have used but it does get the job done and it is not too harsh on your vehicle.

Another complaint, well a small complaint, is that I found this one tends to stick more than others I have used so just be careful of that.

All that said it does however do a really good job of what it is designed to achieve so I liked that. Amazon buyers gave this product a whopping 4.5 out of 5 stars and you will not see that too often. You can also see from the video just how effective this can be if done properly.

That is a good review score and all these buyers can not be wrong. If you have read my reviews you will know I like Meguiars products a lot and I do like this one also.

As a value for money product is is a good quality product and when finished the surface will be very smooth indeed.

It will be well cleaned and ready for a wax which is what a clay kit is supposed to do.

Meguiars c-2000 Professional Detailing Clay

This one is similar in principle to the product above but it is just a clay. It bears the name professional so you know almost right away that the product will be a better quality than one that you can get just in a kit.

This particular one I found to be mild which is good in my opinion as it will be safe to use on any car. Sometimes that is a very important consideration.

Amazon buyers rate this as a 4.5 out of 5 star product and again these are very good reviews overall.

It works really well on tree sap, road tar and any type of oxidisation and these are the most common problems to fix for most cars. When I applied wax after using this clay I have to say I was impressed with the results. You will find there are a great deal of similarities with many of these clay type products, but I find this one to be particularly good.

Tips To Consider Before Using A Clay Bar Product On Your Car

Before you even consider using a clay bar on your car do this simple test first. Wash and dry your car and allow to dry well. Then simply rub your hand over the paint work. If it feels smooth then there is no need whatsoever to use any type of clay product. If it does not feel as smooth as glass then you have what are called contaminants on your paint that need to be removed.

Only then should you use clay if you want to get a beautiful smooth look and feel to your car or vehicle. For example a car just out of the showroom should never have any paint contamination and if you run your hand over it, it should be smooth and have a high gloss finish. The wear and tear of everyday driving will eventually cause dirt to become engrained and that eventually impacts on the paint.

When I ran my car detailing business I would always give the owners the choice of restoring this to a showroom condition. If they opted for that then I used clay. Clay is essentially grit formed in clay and acts like a highly fine sand paper and removes the small contaminations from your car. It comes in different grades and that is important.

You would only ever use a heavy duty clay on an old car that was really dirty or around sills and the bottom of doors. On all other parts you would use a mild clay.


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