Longest Lasting Car Wax Reviews

The longest lasting car wax we found after testing the top five selling car wax products was a Mothers California  product. The full name of the product is the Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax 05701 We tested this based on how long the protection would last after a single application all done in the same way and in the same conditions.

Car Wax Testing Criteria

As we were searching for the car wax that would last the longest, in terms of offering protection, we set it up like this. First of all we wanted to test the top 5 rated car waxes, which we have listed down below. So, we took an old car door and created five vertical sections or strips.

To each section we applied one of the five different waxes and then left it outside so as they would all experience the same weather conditions. These happened to be a little light sunshine and rain on the first day, followed by one day of light hail and two and a half days of periodic snow. This was done clearly in the winter time, and it was rather cold.

As it turned out that was good as we could get proper testing done. We also left the door at the side of the car park so as it would pick up the normal splashing and environmental conditions of a normal car that is being driven on a daily basis.

Each section got one application of wax in a straight vertical strip side by side so as we could easily observe the difference.

We then tested 5 of the best selling car waxes which were:

  1. Nu Finish NF-76
  2. Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax 05701
  3. 3M One step Cleaner Wax
  4. Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax
  5. Auto Glym Super Resin Polish

Now we know from experience that the number of times you should wax your car in a year is four times. That means the manufacturers believe that a waxing should last around three months. When we made these applications we then measured the results at the end of the three month period

Longest Lasting Car Wax Measurements

  1. Durability – how long would it last and offer protection
  2. Scratch resistance
  3. Overall Rating

We also considered as a smaller issue how easy they were to apply and remove. This is still an important issue and we thought worth including.

The table below shows the results that we measured against these three main criteria:

Comparison Table of Longest Lasting Car Wax

CAR WAXScratch ResistantDurbailityOverall Rating
Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax95%93%94%
Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax 0570190%94%92%
Auto Glym Super Resin Polish90%93%91%
Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish90%90%90%
3M One step Cleaner Wax75%77%76%

As you can see and would expect these are all really good quality car waxes. There were five of us who did our own scores and we then collected them together and averaged them out. It was a close call between the Mothers and Meguiars for us with Mothers just shading it.

At the end of the testing there was a general consensus that any of these would be good to use and either the Mothers of the Meguiars would do a particularly good job.


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