How To Polish Your Car By Hand?

If you are anything like me you like, love or treasure your car and you always like to make it look its very best then you will want to know how to polish your car by hand and properly.  I guess with the arrival of the many car wash outfits, old-fashioned ways of doing this are being left behind.  That’s a shame in many ways because when you spend a couple of hours really working on your car, there is such a sense of satisfaction that it is difficult to describe.

Hand Polishing – The Old Fashioned Way

When it comes to the cars that I own, I remain stubbornly old-fashioned in my ways. I wouldn’t go near a car wash nor indeed would I let anyone else loose on my precious cars. I have no doubt I am a dying breed for those of us that remain stalwart here is my method and I think the best one to really go about getting a showroom shine. This is the best way I know to polish your car by hand.

It all begins with the wash and many people either half complete this step or at best do it, but get it wrong.  The video below though done in a humorous way is more or less the way I do it.  It looks like a bit of work but that is almost the point if you want it done properly.

If you wash and clean your car as shown in the video above then you will not go too far wrong. As my dad used to say “If a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing right.”  You will also save yourself a lot of money if you know how to polish your car and do this once every couple of weeks.

You do of course need a really good car polish to get the ultimate results. You can read this article on the best three car polishes as discussed and agreed by actual polish users. Now I prefer using Meguiars polish as I just find this gets the best results on a consistent and regular basis. However, no matter which polish you prefer, it is all about the application.

The Golden Hand Polish Rule

The rule used by all professional car detailers like myself is to do one small area at a time. Put the polish on an area of about 2 square feet and then buff it off. This will stop any streaking and also allows you to focus on one small area at a time. The temptation for many is to do a roof, a wing, a door etc. Honestly that is just simply too big an area. By the time you try and buff it, the polish will have dried in and will be really tough to get off and shine.

My Golden Rule – The smaller the area the easier it is to polish and shine.

Many people don’t appreciate that keeping your car clean will actually increase the life span of your car and also make it more valuable if and when you come to sell it.  Allowing salt and dirt to settle on your car will inevitably cause rust and start erosion which can be costly to repair. If left unrepairable then it just looks dreadful.

Getting the perfect finish on your chrome

Watch the video below and you will know all that you need to understand. When you have polished your car then the thing that truly sets it off is a sparkling chrome finish especially if you have alloy wheels. When done properly and looking good then it truly adds to the appearance of your car.  There are many chrome cleaners out there and they all have their merits.  The important thing is however to make sure the wheels are thoroughly washed and scratch free.

I hope you have found this article on how to polish your car by hand useful and informative.


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