How To Clean Car Carpets At Home

If you are anything like me then I know that you love your car and you want to keep it in the very best condition that you can. I always think back to the time when it was brand new and that fresh new car smell. What a lot of people don’t realize is that one of the things that causes bad odors in a car is a dirty carpet. That is why I am writing this article on car carpet cleaning.

On a daily basis you will be getting in and out of your car regularly and that includes members of your family and friends. With that comes dirty shoes and whatever else they bring into the car. If you happen to have kids then you can just imagine what they can do to your car. It is easy enough to keep the inside of your car relatively clean and a good vacuum can usually handle most things that are dropped over a period of time.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

However stale odors and smells can get into and remain in carpets for a very long time if they are not treated and freshened up. A great preventative measure is to put down some type of protective covering and these are of course available in many auto stores up and down the country.

These car mats are a great idea and are relatively inexpensive and I would strongly recommend their use. They are easy to fit and they are also very easy to clean. You can get them in a variety of colors, brands and different styles. Many people try to match their car mats to the actual brand of the car as this gives a more complete look.

If you don’t like using these then you should consider some other form of protection such as clear plastic mats. Many parents don’t allow food in the car but this is difficult if you have small children and babies that need fed. Probably one of the hardest smells to get rid of is any type of spilled milk.

I have had experience of milk smells lasting for many months in a car, especially if spilled on to a carpet or cloth upholstery. One great tip for dealing with this quickly is to put baking soda on the affected area and allow it to soak up and neutralize the horrible smell of milk. When that has been achieved then hoover up any excess baking soda and wash the affected area.

Car Carpet Cleaning – Professional Valet

Car Carpet CleaningWhen doing any type of car carpet cleaning it is important to use an effective method that is quick and simple to do and yet is effective. In our own homes when new carpet is put down it does look great in the early months but it will eventually need cleaning as it suffers from daily use.

Your car carpet is no different to this but it is often a task that is over looked. Many people view this as something that doesn’t need done or they just don’t have the time to do it.

You could of course get a full car valet done on your car if you have the money to do that. It will be a good professional job and this type of car detailing once or twice a year is also something that I would recommend. If you go down this route then a team of people will complete your car in around thirty minutes and to a very high specification. One thing you should check however with any valet service is that it actually includes carpet cleaning and not just a quick vacuum.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

The option that I prefer is to the car carpet cleaning myself. It usually takes me about thirty minutes of work and then a couple of hours to allow the carpet to dry properly. It is also the cheapest version as all you really need is some basic carpet cleaning product and a bit of elbow grease. Here is my preferred way of doing this in a step by step approach.

  • Remove all car mats and leave them aside for cleaning.
  • Use a stiff bristled brush and brush any debris on the carpet to loosen it as this will make the vacuum process much easier.
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly as this not only cleans it but also raises the carpet pile which will have become compressed with the pressure from the passenger’s feet. This is especially important in the front seat area and when you are there, move the seats back and make sure you vacuum under those. You will also need a narrow vacuum attachment to get in and around the edges of the carpet.
  • If you have any stains then now is the time to deal with those. A normal household carpet stain remover will do the job perfectly. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure the stains have been removed.
  • Next apply a household carpet cleaner to the carpet and again follow the instructions to get the best results.
  • Allow to dry and then hoover once again to remove any surplus residue.
  • Clean the car mats fully and replace.

Ideally if you have a steam washer then you should use this on your car carpets to get the best results possible. Steam cleaning is always better so if you have the equipment then I would recommend using this for your car carpet cleaning.


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