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Top Car Washing Tips For A Great Looking Car

Thanks for taking the time to read this article which will provide you with some great car washing tips. I should state upfront that many people simply take their car to a car wash but recently I have noticed a huge trend of what are called “hand car washing” outlets. For many years people simply took their cars to some type of drive-thru car wash places and allowed the brushes to do the work.

Car Washing Tips and Tricks

Why I Don’t Like Car Washes

I tried these as well with some older cars and found that it only washed parts of the car, damaged wing mirrors, damaged aerials and generally did a dreadful job. I have seen many complaints about brush scraping and I simply stopped using these places for any of my cars. I guess that explains the rise of these new hand wash car outlets where a number of people are ready and waiting to wash, wax and valet your car. I have tried and them and have to say they do a really good job and it proves the old proverb that many hands make light work.

The car washing tips on this page however are for those of us who are either old-fashioned and like to wash our own car or simply for any age of person who takes pride in looking after their own car and saving themselves some money along the way. Many people say it is what Sunday morning was invented for. I am not sure I am in that bracket but I do like to wash and polish my own cars and take great pride in doing so. So on to the tips and tricks that I have learned from working in a car showroom.

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Step By Step Method For Washing Any Car

Rinse Your Car.
This is the one thing that very few people do at the start. You need to rinse your car at the start and at the end of the car washing process. It is so important  to thoroughly rinse your car in order to wash away the general dirt and grime. This also has the added advantage of loosening any harder grime that may be on the car. Ideally a hose is perfect for this and if that is not available you will probably need a few buckets of water.  The pressure of the hose is important as you want it strong enough to remove the dirt but not that strong that it may damage your car. Always rinse from the top down and allow the dirt to flow off the car and on to the ground.

Which Car Wash Should You Use
I am still stunned by the number of people who use a kitchen or bathroom soap or detergent to wash their cars. They either don’t want to buy an actual car wash or have run out and are using these as a substitute. That is a huge mistake as these are generally far too strong for a car and will contribute to your car’s scratches and will strip off its wax, if used too much.  There are so many car washes available in a wide price range so it is very important to use these. They are not that expensive and will certainly never damage your car.

What Do You Need.
Essentially a bucket and sponge or mitt and a hose. Mix the car wash with hot water according to the instructions of the manufacturer.  You will need around 3 or 4 buckets of water for a small car and 5 to 6 buckets for a medium-sized car. I will bet that has surprised you and it did when I first went to work in a car showroom. I used to do my entire car with one bucket. The reality is that if you are thoroughly washing your car then you need to clean your sponge or mitt off every few rubs as it will quickly get dirty. Cars are usually dirtier at the bottom from the road spray and I have seen me use an entire bucket on the front of my car.

Car washing should be done in sections. I always do all of the glass first and then start on the roof or top of your car and then proceed to the door, fender and other car sections. Be sure that you do thorough rinsing in between parts. Again this is not something I see people do that often. They tend to soap their car and rinse it all off at once and that is another mistake. After applying soap, you should rinse so that any type of film will not develop. The suds will cause the soap to dry and make an ugly stain if left too long.

After washing all of the the sections, you then need to get the hose out and do a final rinse of the entire body of the car. Use generous amounts of water so that all the soap will be washed away thoroughly. Do not leave crevices and gaps where soap can seep and hide such as where the bonnet meets the car or in and around the boot area.

Washing the inside of the car

One good wash like this is usually enough but if you’re not satisfied with the first wash, then do it a second time. It is better to see acceptable results than settle for what is done. It is not bad to wash the second time because in car detailing the first washing is just your way of introducing cleaning. This first washing has taken care of the majority of the dirt that is seen and the second will do the rest of the dirt.

Don’t forget to do the insides of the doors and the sills in a similar fashion.

The final step in the car washing process is to dry the car off with a chamois so as there are no streaks left. This is getting it ready for the polishing and waxing stages. In total to wash a small car using this exact method takes me around 20 minutes and 30 minutes for a medium sized family car.

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