Duragloss 902 Review 2017

For around $25 you can buy a gallon of Duragloss 902 car wash concentrate. This is pretty impressive stuff so we thought we would check it out, as we noticed it was getting some rave reviews. There are plenty of car wash options out there so what makes this any different from the rest.

Have a read at this buyer review and you may start to get a sense of why people are starting to buy this product as their number one choice:

Love it!
By Ella Wigginton on July 28, 2014
I’d originally ordered this because of the rave reviews online, and… I wasn’t disappointed. It cleaned my car beautifully, smells, great, and… it actually removed some bugs without my having to scrub (which I wouldn’t do to the paint anyway!)…and… it didn’t ruin the wax shine! I’ve yet to give my car a good waxing of my own since I bought it, and I’ve no idea what the lot used (if anything) while it was there. But it doesn’t strip anything off the car. This is great stuff. Very happy with it. Fast shipping too!

Now if that was just one Duragloss 902 review then I would not get that excited. However the average rating of all the reviews is a 4.8 out of 5 stars. You just don’t see that too often and that made me curious to see why it got so many good reviews. The bottom line was I had to buy a jar and check it out for myself.

My Review of the Duragloss Car Wash

I ordered from Amazon and it arrived quickly and was well packaged. I tried this out on a red car, a white car and a black car. I just wanted to see if it did what it was supposed to do, on different colours and mainly that was the following:

  • Did it actually clean the vehicles?
  • Did it leave a shine as they had said it would?
  • Did it leave streaks or spots?
  • Were the vehicles mostly dry when I had finished using the concentrated wash?

Directions for Use

Duragloss 902 Car Wash ConcentrateThis surprised me as the directions said to use just one ounce per 3 gallons of water to create a bucket of cherry scented suds. Call me old fashioned but that seemed like a big hairy marketing message and one which had me doubting. Nevertheless that is what I did and yes I did get a bucket of rich suds.

Now I would not be a huge fan of a cherry scent but that is what you get. The suds certainly cling to the car like no other car wash that I have seen before. They cling to the really dirty areas and are working away on that which has to be a good thing.

Once I had finished all three vehicles I was impressed. It does not remove any of the polish and it does leave a good shine so I was happy with that. You get plenty of suds with it and it seems to clean the vehicles with some ease. The dirtiest car was the red one and it quickly removed any dirt and grime. For that one though I added a little extra as that one had a few tar marks and was particularly dirty around the sill areas.

So to answer the first two questions, yes it really did clean the cars and yes it left them with a good shine. I rinsed the suds off when I had finished and no there were no streaks which was great.

The final question then was did it leave the vehicle mostly dry? Not really to be honest and they do say you have to dry this off with a micro fibre cloth. When I did that it came up great and looked really well.

Summary of the Duragloss Concentrate

My final thoughts are that this is definitely one of the best car washes on the market today and if you want something that cleans properly, this wash will do your job really well. One thing I would add is that if I was doing the red car again, (and that was really dirty) I would probably use 2 ounces and make it a bit more concentrate. I guess I could also have washed it twice but why double the work.

Out of the three vehicles the black one looked the best and came up a real treat.

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Foam Wash and Duragloss 901/902

Here is a video of someone using a foam gun and the Duragloss 901/902. He uses 2 ounces of the concentrate and hot water. He then leaves the foam on for 3-4 minutes before he rinses.

Personally I would not be using a pressure hose to rinse any vehicle I was cleaning and you really don’t need to either. I rinsed my three cars off with an ordinary hose, and they came up a treat.

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Overall I have to say that the reviews that I read were indeed accurate. Anyone who has used this on their vehicle has been well impressed. I was too and will be ordering this product again.


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