Car Polishing Tips – 5 Tips For A Great Showroom Shine

Thanks for reading my article on car polishing tips.  The following tips should help make polishing your car a little bit easier and also help you get that much sought after showroom shine for your efforts.

Polishing Tip Number 1

A mistake made by many people is to try and polish their car in bright sunlight.  Never do that as car polish when initially put on tends to dry very quickly.  This means that it develops a rather sticky white powder substance and also makes it very difficult to remove easily.

When you try to do this then there will nearly always be left behind a white dust and powder which is unsightly. Trust me on this one it is almost impossible to get rid of the dust completely and all of your hard work is in vain.

One of the best car polishing tips is to apply the car polish or car wax in an area of shade and if that is not possible, inside a garage or some other building.

I have seen many claims made by manufacturers about polishes that are ok to apply in direct sunlight. I have yet to find one that actually works like that, so in my opinion, just be aware of these type of claims.

Polishing Tip Number 2

Never try to polish a wet car. Once you have washed your car it should always be rubbed down by a chamois to make sure it is completely dry. However what I have found is that many people give the car a cursory drying and then start to apply the polish as they are in a hurry to get the job done.

This is a major mistake and most car polishes need to be applied and work much better if the surface of the car is completely dry. When the surface is dry then you prevent what is called smearing.

Polishing Tip Number 3

This is one of my favourite car polishing tips. I would estimate that around nine out of ten people actually apply too much car polish when they begin.

I have heard and read about so many people who say, “They said I would get ten applications but I only got eight,” or “That car polish didn’t last as long as I thought it would.” It is just human nature to believe that if you use a lot of something then it will work much better.

I can assure you from many years experience that this is not the case with car polish. A little truly does go a very long way. It also makes it easier to remove, buff and shine.

So go easy with the amount that you use and I honestly think you will see a huge improvement in your results.

Polishing Tip Number 4

Out of all the tips this is probably the most important one. Only ever apply polish to one section of the car at a time. Pick a wing, the boot, the bonnet etc and apply the polish and then buff it up and shine before moving to the next part of the car.

I generally start and do the roof, then I do the bonnet, the boot, the wings, the doors and finally the sills. I truly doesn’t matter which order you do them in but just do them one at a time.

Never apply car polish to the entire vehicle and then try to polish it off. You just won’t have enough time and the polish will dry too quickly.

If you ever watch someone new polishing a car, they will always make this mistake. They then try to spend ages getting rid of white dust marks without ever succeeding. When any type of polish or wax dries properly it can be really stubborn to remove.

Polishing Tip Number 5

Use micro-fiber cloths to apply and shine. You should of course use two different cloths, one for applying and one for shining. There has always been a debate as to whether you should apply the polish in a circular motion or along the natural contours of the car.

I apply the car polish in small circular motions and shine along the contours.  That has always worked well for me but I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules on this.

I know quite a few people who will use old tea towels and even hand towels to do this job. I guess it saves money on buying the fiber versions, but they do not work as well. Little parts of the towel fabric get on to your vehicle and they can also be pretty tough to get rid of.

car polishing tips

Car Polishing Tips Summary

If you follow my top five tips then you will be well on your way to both making the job a great deal easier and also making your car have a fantastic shine.

It is not a job that you should rush. I know when I was doing this job for a living that for a normal size car it would take me a full hour to create a showroom shine, irrespective of which type of car polish I was actually using.

Here are some additional tips that might also help. You do not need to rub very hard to create a good shine.  I have seen many people do this and honestly car polish is designed to create a shine so you don’t need to lean hard or over work.

Apply the car polish quickly in small circular movements and then buff it off quickly and thoroughly without a huge amount of effort. You will be amazed just how easy it can be done without all the hard work

You only need to do this about once a month so it is not needed every single week. Again I know poeple who do this every Sunday and it is in my opinion a waste of time.

I polish all my cars once a month and I assure you I like a car that properly shines and looks its best.  Once a month is more than enough for this type of shine and protection.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these car polishing tips.


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