Car Polish Pads For A Drill – Good Reviews On The Best Pads

If you are someone who likes to use car polishing pads then you will already know there are many to pick from. These range from the cheap and nasty right up to the very expensive ones that it is hard to justify the spend on. As you can imagine in a detailing shop we get through a lot of these and we have tried and tested many of them.

To be honest we could probably write a book on them but we also know your time is precious so we are going to cut right to the chase and recommend the ones we prefer. We always want good value for money so please understand that for this specific reason we have left out what we consider to be some of the very expensive “rip-off” ones. These are just glorified pads being sold under a brand name with you being charged for the pleasure of that. We have left those out and we would recommend any of the following choices.

Our Number Auto Detail Polishing Pads

It is the Meguiar’s 6.5″ soft buff foam polishing pad. This pad delivers time after time and it has an active polishing action that can actually remove minor surface imperfections. It uses velcro to attach and remove and this makes it easy to put on and remove quickly. We recommend using this with their dual action polisher for the very best results. By attaching one of these pads to your drill or you chosen car polish power tool, you can be certain of top notch results.


best car polishing pads

Here is a review from a buyer at Amazon:

By V. Chia
Amazon Verified Purchase
The pad works well. I use these primarily not for polishing but for applying glaze, but works well as a polishing pad. Either way, you should have several of these on hand if you’re doing a job as you might need to swap out the pad for a fresh one as you saturate the pad with compound. Seems durable, already used a single pad on 4 jobs and still looks relatively new. I can’t comment on much more because the rest is down to technique.

You can CLICK HERE to read more reviews.

Professional 8″ Waffle Foam Pad Buffing

These are we believe right at the top of the range and are the preferred use of those who do our own detailing. We put the Meguiars first as we think they are better value for money, but these ones, if you can afford them are absolutely the best. Those who have bought and reviewed them would also agree with us. Here is one example of what a buyer thought.

5.0 out of 5 stars Makes polishing a breeze! June 11, 2013
By F150Toreadore
Amazon Verified Purchase
Just finished using these pads and they were definately worthy of a 5-star rating!
The price was the best I had seen and I liked the ‘free’ mounting adapter, makes switching pads simple and quick.
Great choice for anyone doing a home paint job as they give you professional like results.
Way to go TCP Global… there’s more purchases in my future!

This review does pretty much sum these up. They are top notch and the kind of polishing pads that both garages and old vintage car owners use. They work very well, attach easily and do a super job.


professional car polishing pads

 Foam vs Microfiber Pads

There is always an interesting debate as to whether foam or fiber pads are best. This video does a really good job of explaining the main differences.



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