Meguiar’s Brilliant Solutions New Car Kit

[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B004HCU77I” cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”biooilrev06-20″]If you love your car as much as I do then you will want the best detailing kit. There are many of these kits available on the market so it is not always easy to get the best value for money.

More importantly you want a car kit that has all the component parts that you need to do a really good detailing job on your vehicle. In my job I have used many of these and as you would imagine, some are better than others. There is a tendency to bulk out a car kit with car products that in truth don’t really serve much purpose at all.

I believe that most people want a few basic, but high quality detailing products that will do a really good job. I know that it may feel good to get a larger quantity of items in some form of package. The down side of that is of course that many of them can be really poor quality and of little benefit to anyone.

When I am looking for this type of car kit, my main empasis is on getting the detailing absolutely right and fit for purpose. For me then these should include a really good wash and wax, something for the tires and a microfiber washing cloth or better still a mitt.

You can pick up better quality products for interiors, chrome etc along the way and then simply add these to your detailing car kit. My advice is always to start off with the basics and make those the best that you can afford to buy. You can then complement this as you go and build yourself up a range of car cleaning, polishing and waxing products.

There is a new one out from Meguiars and it is getting race 5 star reviews and this is the one that I would recommend.

Meguiar’s Brilliant Solutions New Car Kit

For me right now this is the best type of all in one kit on the market today. Whether you simply want to look after your vehicle, or clean it up to sell, this has just about everything that you will need.

You get a really good lathered wash and the specialised wax really makes the detailing stand right out. The mitt is very useful and makes this task a great deal easier. It is very good on any type of water spots, tar or any of the normal stains that you find. I am Meguiar’s fan and I think this is the best all in one detailing kit they have ever made. Believe me I so not say that lightly.

Hands down this one wins easily for me in the car detailing kit contest.

The wax is easy to put on and more importantly easy to get off and leave a great showroom shine along the way. Having worked in the car detailing business for so long, even I am impressed with that.

This car detailing kit also comes with two microfiber towels which are great to polish with at the end of your cleaning process.


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