Buffer Drill Bit Attachments Reviewed

Buffing a car is a lot of hard work if you do it manually. Most people can’t afford an industrial one as they would not get enough use from it. Having an attachment buffer that you can add to your drill is an alternative and certainly worth some consideration. The big problem with that of course is getting the right one. I know from my own knowledge that there are a lot of useless ones out there so I wanted to a review on a few of the best which I hope you will find useful.

Meguiar’s G3500 DA PowerSystem Buffing Tool With Attachment

I am going to recommend this one. Before I do that please avoid buying really cheap sponges to do this job. You will ruin your car and more than likely scrape it or cause swirling marks. I have fixed many cars that have had this type of damage done so please be aware of these cheap attachment kits.

This one will not do that and is a very good product and for around $50 you will not find a better one out there in my opinion.

Meguiars just make really good car care products and they have put a lot of work into this one to make sure they have got it just right. This is ideal for the car person who wants a super shine without all the manual work needed to deliver that.


 TCP Global Premium Pad Kit With 1/4″ Drill Attachment

This one also gets good reviews though I have not actually used this one myself. Other people have though, and those that have, appear to like it a lot. It gets a 3.8 out of 5 stars review and there are enough reviews here to make this type of review important. At around $25 it also falls into the affordable bracket which is always a good thing.

What’s In The Box?

tcp global buffer drill attachmentYou get for your money:

  • 1/4″ drill shank adaptor
  • The mounting plate with a 3 and 5/8″ size
  • A 3″ finishing pad
  • A 3″ polishing pad
  • A wool 3″ pad for heavy cutting
  • A 3″ wool pad for light cutting

This one I think from the reviews that I have read is a good one for smaller jobs. Many of those who took the time to leave reviews stated this and also recommended that the Meguiars is better for the bigger jobs that you may need to do.

That is ideal for all your buffing needs and certainly a good starter pack. Click To Read Reviews.


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