Black & Decker WP900 Review

Black & Decker WP900 ReviewThis is our review of the WP900 orbit waxer and polisher from Black & Decker. This continues to be one of the best sellers on Amazon so we thought that we should take a closer look at it and try to find out why.

This one is ideal if you like to do some fast detailing and works well on cars, vans, trucks and boats. As you know the purpose of any polisher is to take the pain and sweat out of manual work, and by using speed also help reduce any swirl marks, so as you are left with a great looking finish.

Right now it is priced at under $30 so if you just want to grab it right now at that price then please click here and you will be taken to Amazon.

For those who like to read more detail before buying, then please enjoy the review below, which I hope you will find useful.

Main Features

  • Runs at 4,400 orbits per minute which ensures a swirl-free finish
  • Has a 10-foot length cord
  • Two-handle design
  • Measures 13.8-by-6.2-by-8.6-inches
  • Weighs 5.3-pounds
  • You get a 6-inch random orbit waxer/polisher, one foam applicator bonnet, two polishing bonnets
  • 2-year warranty

Pros & Cons

There are of course pros and cons with every product and the WP900 is no exception so let’s have a look at these. If you want to check out some other polishers then you can click here to see those reviews. I have included the top 3 products in those reviews. For now though let’s see how this one matches up.


  • Compared to many others this one is pretty inexpensive at under $30.
  • Works on all types of vehicles
  • Cord is a decent length for most projects
  • Durable and reliable
  • Motor is quiet and powerful enough
  • Fast
  • Solid performance


  • It is not one a professional detailer would use but works well for those who like to polish their vehicles at the weekend.
  • The On/Off switch can be a bit annoying and you need to get used to it.
  • Pad design is not great but it works ok
  • No replaceable foam pads

Our Thoughts

This polisher does what it is supposed to and at the price is great value for money. Please don’t expect a Rolls Royce for this type of money or you will be disappointed. When we used it, there is little question that it worked well. The motor was quiet and it produced more than enough speed to product a good orbital action.

We used microfiber bonnets and they just worked a great deal better than the foam ones that came with it and we would advise that you do the same. The foam pad can not be replaced and that is just a royal pain in the butt. We put microfiber ones on and that worked a treat.

It is certainly comfortable to use and in the main that is down to the light weight of this machine. It doesn’t take long to buff a car, but even so, if you are holding a heavy machine and buffing it can get sore on the arms. That will not happen with this one and the two handled grip is a good idea.

You can’t adjust the speed but if just doing a polish every weekend or every now and then that is not a big issue. We would certainly place the WP900 in the budget range, and for the money, we think it does represent decent enough value. It isn’t a professional top of the range product, but to be fair, they don’t claim it to be, nor sell it like that.

This one will do your job and is decent enough value at the $30 price point.There are 200 Amazon buyer reviews on this which means that it sells really well, and it has maintained a 4 star rating which is also a sign that it is a good product at an affordable price.

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