Best Sponge For Washing A Car

Washing your car with a proper sponge or mitt is without any doubt the best way to keep your car body in great condition. Something many people don’t realise though is that not taking enough care when washing your vehicle can also cause damage. Rust, chipping and contaminants in the environment are guaranteed to do damage to your car. I think we would all agree on that. However, imagine taking grime, oil and then rubbing that into the body work of your vehicle.

Sadly that is what many people do and especially automatic car washes. Just imagine a huge bird dropping on the hood of your car. Then imagine that it has hardened and then rubbed over with a sponge. That will only serve to scratch your body work. My top tip is to always rinse the car first with water to remove most of the dirt and grime. Only then should you apply a good car wash using the right sponge for the job.

Not Every Sponge Makes A Good Car Sponge

As a professional car detailer this is the single biggest mistake I see time after time. People pick up really cheap sponges in malls throughout the country and then use them on expensive cars. I mean, would you polish your mahogany table with sandpaper? Yet, up and down the land, people do this every week, by using the most crap sponges ever made. (Sorry rant over)

A Proper Car Washing Sponge/Mitt

best sponge for washing a carThis is what I call a proper professional sponge, in this case a mitt, that guarantees a proper scratch free wash. This is because this mitt has a nice thick plush, is made from a microfiber and is highly absorbent. if you prefer the standard type of what is termed a “bone sponge,” then I have shown one below which is an excellent absorbent sponge. We use this one at the garage for what we call general washing. It lasts a long time and is pretty easy to clean.

good quality washing spongeThe bottom line here is to avoid using really cheap sponges. They simple do not hold the water and I can almost guarantee two things:

  1. They will not last very long
  2. You will never be able to clean them
[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B000RXKR6M” cloaking=”default” layout=”left” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”biooilrev06-20″]It is worth investing a few bucks extra and getting something that will last you for about a year. Now if you have read any of my other reviews you already know that I am a Meguiars fan. So, in my humble opinion, if you really want the best one, then get yourself one of these mitts for under $5. It is a decision that you will not regret.

This is a proper car washing mitt, that is really soft, lint free and will last for ages. All you need to do is give it a wash and it can be used again and again. This removes all dirt and grime and will never damage your vehicle. I hope you found this quick review useful on the best car sponge to wash your car.


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