Best Car Polish for White Cars Reviews 2017

In this article we are going to try and find out what is the best car polish for white cars. If you are the owner of a white or even light coloured car or vehicle, then I don’t need to tell you that they show up every single spot of dirt.

By applying a good wax and polish you can help keep them looking the way they should. I have done an article on the best car wax for white cars. In this one we are going to look at the best polish for white cars.

There are a few of these advertised by manufacturers who claim that they have the ideal product. However these are not supported by the actual reviews from buyers. We will clearly steer you away from those and they include the Turtle Wax FG6907. This one costs around $26 a bottle and gets only 2.6 out of 5 stars so I don’t believe you would want to be spending your money on that one, unless the reviews improve a lot.

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Meguiar’s M7 Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze

Meguiar's M7 Mirror Glaze Show Car GlazeFor those of you who drive a white car we would recommend this product as it appears to be the best on the market right now. Well over 150 buyers at Amazon have given this a very high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is excellent by any standards.

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This one leaves what I would describe as a deep wet look shine and does not leave any residue. I have been detailing cars in one way or another for a very long time and this one leaves as good a finish as any that I have used. It is also good to use on older cars as well. If using on an older vehicle I would recommend doing this 2-3 times to get really great results.

Some buyers state that it takes a bit of work to apply and take off but I am ok with that because of the results. I found that when I used it that applying it was rather easy. The secret to applying any polish is to do do it in thin layers and over a small surface area. If you do that it is simple and easy to apply.

For some reason people apply polish in circular movements and that is not the right way to apply car polish. All you are doing is making it hard to apply and remove as the polish is binding in to itself. Use a sideways sweeping arm movement and watch the difference. Always use a polish applicator and never a terry style towel as that just makes the application too thick.

I should of course warn you that like many products in the Meguiars range, this one does have a bit of a smell to it. I may have got used to it over the years, but many have not.

This one is classed as a pure polish, in other words, it is not also a wax. This is the type of product that when used leaves a deep shine, and many people use this if taking their cars to a show.


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