Armor All Auto Care Cleaning Pack Review 2017

For under $10 this cleaning pack from the company Armor is worth a closer look. This is a neat little pack and inside it you get 3 canisters which contain:

  1. Cleaning wipes
  2. Fabric wipes
  3. Glass wipes

This set is handy for making sure that the inside of your auto stays clean and fresh. Personally I use them if I am unlucky enough to have to go shopping with the wife. That is when I get really bored and usually end up back in the vehicle listening to the radio.

Basically I have some time to kill and that is as good a time as any to put that spare time to some good use. If you have these in the glove box, then at least you can make some use of your time rather than just sit and wait on the other half returning. (eventually!!!)

Armor All Auto Care Cleaning Pack

Well that is when I use them anyway and at least I feel as if I have not wasted my time just sitting there bored out of my mind. The wipes work really well on a variety of surfaces such as dashboards, vinyls, carpets, fabrics, leather and on consoles.

There are around 50 buyer reviews on these wipes over at Amazon and they rate them an average 4 out of 5 stars, which I think is a pretty fair rating.

There is 25 wipes inside each canister so a grand total of 75. I do tend to use the glass ones the most so perhaps it would have been a good idea to have put more of these in and maybe reduced the number of fabric ones. That is just my personal opinion of course but I get the sense from the reviews that other reviewers feel the same way.

Window Wipes

I like to have really clean windows and the wipes you get in this set work really well. I have used many other products in the past and many of them stink of ammonia which is something that I really do not like. These ones do not and stay wet long enough to be able to do a good job. There is no streaking with these and overall they do a decent job.

Cleaning Wipes

Again I find these useful but I do tend perhaps to over use these. These are general purpose wipes so I would use them on dashboards and consoles to get rid of any sign of dirt, particularly make-up on the passenger’s side. (Please note the irritation)

Protectant Wipes

These are what offer some protection and help add a bit of shine to surfaces. They add protection mainly by adding UV protection to the car’s interior. We all know that sunshine beaming into a car will over time make the surfaces dull and even discolour them. By adding some protection to these surfaces you can keep the interior as close to showroom condition as is possible.

Customer Reviews

Here are what some other people say who bought these:

These get the job done.
By rj_cain on July 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
I found these at Costco once, and used them on my used car.

They worked great, as they are basically a baby-wipe for cars.

I upgraded to a new car, and after a few months on these New England road, it started to look too much like my used car, so I purchased this to give it a “new” look again. They worked as good as the first time.

I will certainly keep a supply of these on hand.

And this reviewer said,

As expected
By DaBigAnt on January 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
I like amor all products and the wipes are super convenient. I was surprised at how well the Glass Cleaning wipes worked because I’d never used them before. My only word of warning is that the wipes will dry out if you don’t use them pretty fast. I’m not sure on timing because I just make sure to use them, but I’ve recommended them to family members who have complained that they were a waste because they got dried out.

Pros & Cons

There were some bad reviews and in the main they divided into two complaints:

  1. The wipes dried out
  2. They didn’t clean the glass properly

Let me deal with the glass cleaning issue first. I have used these myself and I think they do a really good job. You can see that many other reviewers agree with me. I actually think the people who left the glass type of reviews actually suffered from the first type of complaint and that is the wipes drying out.

These wipes in the Armor set are not much different to any wipe. Once they come out of the canister they do dry up pretty quick. The quicker you can use them the better and they will do a good job. if they dry out and you continue to try and clean with them, then they just don’t work and will cause smearing all over the place.

I have seen people try to make one wipe do every internal window of a vehicle. These types of wipes just don’t do that. These are designed to be able to give your car a quick once over and get it looking good.

When I am washing my car I always do the inside windows with a Meguiar’s product. These wipes are for when you are out and about and your car interior needs a quick clean.

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Hopefully you found this review on the Armor Cleaning Pack useful.


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