Our Review of the Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Kit

This is our review of the high quality Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Kit. This is the ultimate kit and has everything that you will ever need, to make the exterior of your car shine like a new one.

Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Kit Review

Before I explain what this can do for your vehicle, let's understand exactly how buyers rate this car detailing kit.

How Buyers Rate the Adam's Essentials Kit?​

Underneath I have summarised how buyers rate their purchase. This is based on a 5 star system, with 5 being the highest rating, and 1 star being the lowest rating. These are ratings given to this detailing kit by actual buyers, who have purchased the wash, clay and other products, used them, and then taken the time to leave a review.

This is in our opinion valuable insight into whether this car care kit is any good or not. We have summarised those findings below, so as they are easy to see at a glance.​

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I have reviewed a LOT of car detailing products on this website, but as you can see, the ratings on this one from Adams is impressive. 90% of buyers give it the full 5 star rating, and 100% rate it 4 stars or higher. This is about as clear an indication you will get as to the quality of this high performance kit. There are no bad reviews and that is always a great sign.

Quick Overview of the Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Kit

The manufacturer sells this kit for those who really care a lot about retaining the value of their vehicle. This kit does have everything that you need to give the exterior of you car a great showroom shine, and also to offer it a high level of protection from the elements.

This is the best selling kit from the Adam's brand. It contains a professional car wash pad and shampoo and that is the first step. With this you can wash the outside of your car, knowing that it will be properly cleaned, and without any risk of scratching.

Once that is done, then the car can be dried using the microfiber drying towel. In our opinion the towel that you get with this kit, is probably the best on the market right now.

Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Kit Review

Now that your car has been washed and dried, you can then use the clay bar for a deeper clean. this clay bar will remove anything stubborn from your vehicle including dead flies, insects, fine tree sap particles, and more.

The next part is the part that we enjoy the most. You can polish using the Revive Polish and the blue colored microfiber applicator. Once that is done you can use the Adam's Buttery Car Wax for protection.

In this kit there is also the Adam's Super VRT Vinyl, Rubber & Tire Dressing. That can be used on all rubber, plastic and vinyl and offers a high level of protection.

There is also an Adam's Detail Spray for a quick clean and polish in between main polishes if you just want to touch up your car.

What Buyers Say About This Total Care Kit

We know that buyers rate this one very highly. Overall it gets an average incredible score of 4.9 out of 5 stars, and not too many car detailing kits achieve those dizzy heights. Now let's have a look at what those buyers actually say. I have summarised their main points below:

  • The actual products, but especially the buttery wax are simply very good and very high quality.
  • Takes around 60-90 minutes to complete a normal sized vehicle, if you use all of the steps from the wash, the polish the wax and then the finishing off with the vinyl and rubber
  • Some buyers did say that Adams should have included a wheel brush and wheel cleaner
  • Some buyers also said that an extra microfiber drying cloth would have been really useful

Overall the reviews, as you can imagine are very good. There are always room for improvements though. We would agree that an extra drying cloth, and a wheel brush would have made this car care kit outstanding.


"This honestly is a really good deal, this isn't your normal soap and wax. Your car/truck will shine with Adams products! There's a huge difference between normal for example turtle wax and adams buttery wax! ...and it smells good!"

As you can see, all the reviews are very positive, but you would expect that with such a high rating. There were not actually any bad reviews, but if any do appear, I will of course include those here.

Video on Adam's Polishes

In the video below, there is an introduction to what the Adams brand is all about.

Our Summary of the Adam's Essentials Detailing Kit

At 4.9 out of 5 stars, the ratings do speak for themselves.We have not seen a bad review about this car detailing kit. At around $170 though, this is certainly NOT a cheap option. It does however really protect your car, and also leave it with an amazing shine.

Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Kit Review

We know not many people will be able to afford the initial outlay for these products. Adams is an expensive brand, but at least we know they do offer extremely high quality. At the end of the day you always get what you pay for.

So far it appears to do what it claims, and we will of course update this as the weeks and months roll by.​ To date though the ratings remain high, and people are certainly buying and using this Adam's Essentials Complete car detailing kit.


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