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Thanks for stopping by the About page! My name is Geoff and I run the site here at car polish reviews.  Trying to find a good polish and wax for my car became a bit of a mission for me.

There are hundreds out there so I went about trying to find what I believe to be the very best. All of my reviews take into account the opinions of others, and I have used every product myself that I write a review about, so at least you know they are coming from actual users and not just random comments with no foundation.

About Page for Car Polish Reviews

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I know when I started looking around on the Internet for information, I found it a bit overwhelming. That’s when I decided to set up this site and hopefully you will find it very useful. I’ve taken the information I’ve gathered and created and tried to put into a simple and easy to understand format.

Whether you are looking for the best car wax, the latest information on car detailing or anything that has to do with washing, cleaning, polishing or waxing a car, then hopefully you will find something of interest here.

Where possible I have also included comparison tables so as you can see the products all together in one place and do a side by side comparison. These are the sort of tables that I personally find very useful as you can see the ratings and get a good idea of the prices as well.

As you will see there are plenty of choices available when it comes to looking after and caring for your vehicle. Many of these polishes and waxes can also be used on motor cycles and boats, and many of them offer great results.

Hopefully you will find these reviews useful and informative and thanks once again for visiting my website on car polish reviews. If you want to drop me an email with any questions you can do so by clicking here. Alternatively if you want to go the main page and look at the car polish comparison table, then you can click here.

I will cover as many products as possible here on the website including wheel cleaners, chrome cleaners and both interior and exterior car care products. As you can imagine there are thousands of them so I would never be able to test and review them all. I will however review and test the most popular brands like Meguiars, Mothers, Nu Finish, Turtle Wax and many more.

If you have any questions or want to simply get in touch then please visit my contact page.