I hope you enjoy what I think are the best car polish reviews available online and that you find them useful. When you are looking for a good car polish then there are a number of individual elements that you should be on the lookout for, and I will cover all of those off in this website.

We will also look at what we believe to be the best car waxes currently available on the market.

Car Polish Consumer Reports

When you do research, I find it always best to start by reading and analysing the various car polish consumer reports, as that is where you can find very detailed testing.

You will also find that you get great and very honest feedback. These detailed consumer reports are the main foundation for my own car polish reviews.

In addition to this I have tried many types of car polish and I will include my own reviews here as well. I have looked at a variety of comparisons especially those between car polish vs wax.

Many people think these are the same but the reality is they are vastly different. To explain that I have also included many car wax reviews.

How To Find The Best Car Polish For your Car?

As you can imagine to try and find the best car polish, you have to try quite a number and I have tried many. I have also read and created quite a number of complete reviews on each of them, and in quite a bit of detail.

These will include ice car polish reviews and also reviews on Meguiar’s many car care products, Zaino car polish and also Klasse all in one. There are too many to mention here, but please feel free to click on any of the articles on the right hand side, to get more information.

I have also reviewed many of the car products that you see advertised on channels like Teleshopping and those car television shows.

These are products like Nu-Finish liquid car polish and All In One Shine. The one thing I can tell you is that if a product doesn’t work as good as it says it should then I will tell you.  There is nothing I like better than a car with a top class shine.

What Makes A Good Car Polish?

best car polish

The well polished Audi Quattro

Many people believe that the shine is the most important thing and to some extent that is correct. However, what is actually more important in a car polish is the additional protection a good wax can give to your car.

You can tell that easily by observing if there is beading on your car after rain when you have applied a good wax and polish.

If a polish doesn’t do that then it is pretty useless. If it does form beads then the length of time they last for becomes the next important factor. You will notice that beading on the picture above.

Ease of Application

I also believe that a determining factor should be what I would term the ease of application, removal and shine. We all know that washing, drying and then polishing a car can be hard work though always satisfying.

Nonetheless, we want the polishing element to be as easy as possible and yet deliver a great shine and not leave any type of smearing. There is simply nothing worse than using a lot of elbow grease and sweat just to find your car still covered in a white residue, or covered in streaks.


When considering any car polish there is of course the issue of cost to be considered. We all work hard for our dollars and when I spend mine I like it to be on a quality product that offers value for money and the results are consistent time after time.

Something else that not everyone considers is does the car polish work on all colours of cars? Without doubt the black car is always the color to test this against.

If you are going to see residue or smearing on any color of car, it will always be most noticeable on a black car. If you get it right of course there is no shine quite like it. I have done a separate article on the best car polish for black cars.

Finally one last thing you should consider when buying a car polish is where you live and what the weather is like. In many places acidic rain may have an impact in your environment whereas in others it could be the ice and snow, with cold conditions and an ever present salting of the roads.

For other people they can live in hot and sunny conditions. There are also people living near beaches and small grains of sand can play a major role in the look of your car.

All these factors are important to include when making your decision as some polishes work better in certain conditions. I will of course cover that in more detail when we get to the actual reviews on each polish out there.

I have completed a table below where I have compared the best car polishes in the market today side by side as as you can see them all in the one place.

You will see below the product name, and the average buyer satisfaction rating, given to them by online buyers. If you want to read more detailed reviews on any of the products, then simply click on the product name to go to Amazon.The final column shows the amount of car polish that you get when you buy the product.

Best Car Polish List

Here we list the best 10 car polishes on the market today. Please note we rate the products out of 100% buyer satisfaction. Please note if you click on the product link, you will be taken to Amazon, where you can read more product reviews.
Product NameAverage Rating
Meguiar's M205 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish94%
Meguiars M205 Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish94%
DRIVEN Automotive Polish93%
Meguiars Deep Crystal Polish93%
Meguiar's G19216 Ultimate Polish 90%
HD Polish Ultra Finishing Car Polish90%
Mothers 07100 California Gold Pure Polish 88%
Mothers 07100 California Gold Pure Polish88%
Turtle Wax T-374KTR Color Magic Car Polish74%

Top 3 Car Polishes Reviewed

Initially it sounds simple to pick a good car polish, make an application and see which works the best but it would be misleading to simply say this one works the best, or such and such a brand name works the best.

It truly does come down quite a bit to the area you live in, but what I can say with some confidence is that the car polish reviews that I have completed, there are always three of them that come out top time after time in almost all conditions. These are:

Just remember folks I am talking here about car polish and not a car wax or car paste. These are the liquid based polishes that I have personally tested and also reviewed at length. I have of course done individual reviews on these and many others which you can read about by clicking the links on the right.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Car Polish

meguiars ultimate polishThe manufacturer Meguiar claims that this polish has certain features which include that their product contains rich polishing oils, eliminates those annoying fine swirls and produces a great gloss and deepens the colour.

Like many of the car polish manufacturers these are mighty claims indeed.

I found when I used this product that there was a very good improvement in the depth of the gloss. That looked impressive and actually feels smooth to the touch.

It was easy to apply but when removing it to give the shine, there were still some of those little swirls left.

I managed to shift those by polishing a second time so a little more work than I would have liked at the buffing stage but that said, they did disappear and left an excellent shine.

At around $10 for a 16 oz bottle I also found it to be very good value for money. Meguiars also do an Ultimate Finishing polish which can be applied after this one has been done and if you want the most perfect shine I would also recommend using that one as well. That was certainly the information I found when I read the car polish consumer reports.

Check Out the Meguiars Ultimate Polish Over at Amazon

I found this polish worked really well on my black car. I drive a black Mercedes Benz and found that this polish really brought out the gloss and shine with no streaks at all. Trust me that is a difficult thing to do. It’s as close to a showroom shine as I have found. This is why this one is included in my best reviews.

The disadvantages of this one I have already referred to. Using a microfiber cloth is always a good idea but I did have to do this twice on each occasion. That was more work than I had planned but overall I believe it was worth the extra effort to get a great shine.

CarGuys Liquid Glass

CarGuys Liquid WaxThe manufacturer Carguys claims that this polish has certain features which include that their product will give a super durable high gloss finish and will never crack, peel or chip. The last features interested me as chipping from the roads is common for many people.

I found when I used this product that there was a stunning improvement in the shine of the car. It was easy to apply even in very sunny conditions and was also easy to remove. I had no issue with swirls being left behind.

At around $35 for a 16oz kit I found it to be average value for money when compared to similar products in the market.

One advantage this car polish has over the others is that you can also do your glass with it and it comes up a treat. I have still included this one in my top three car polish reviews as the shine was really good and the glass was also very good.

I found this polish worked very well on my black car. As I said I drive a black Mercedes Benz and found that this was easy to apply with no streaks at all. It is without doubt one of the the best car polishes for black cars. The shine is impressive. This car polish is also a great protector and works hard against acid rain and other inclement driving conditions.

Check Out the CarGuys Liquid Wax at Amazon

The disadvantages of this one for me is simply price. It is one of the the best car polish I have ever used by a long way. 65 out of 67 people who reviewed this product gave it a 5 star rating and the other 2 gave it 4 stars so they would agree with me.

If the price was reduced by $5 I would have made this my number one recommendation easily. This polish also gets very good reviews in the best car polish consumer reports and in the best car polish reviews 2009, 2010 and 2011.

You can read more about this one by clicking here.

Turtle Wax T-468R Ice Liquid

Turtle Wax T-468R ICE Liquid WaxThis product is similar to the Meguiars one in price at around $12 for a 16 oz bottle. Turtle claim their product can be applied in direct sunlight in a single application and comes with a complete polishing kit which includes an applicator and a microfiber cloth.

They also claim that the ingredients of this polish which include silicone and organic polymers provide an extraordinary shine.

They also claim this polish can be used on the exterior rubbers, plastic and vinyl trims without leaving the dreaded white residue.

When I used this one I found it fast to apply and remove and did my car in twenty minutes beginning to end.

This was greatly speeded up thanks to not having to worry about the rubber, plastic and vinyl. The polish did what it said it would do for sure and there were no streaks or swirls left.

The disadvantage and what puts it in the number three position for me in my polish reviews is how long the shine actually lasts. I got about 2 weeks out of it with good beading when the rain came but found after that it was not as effective.

I like to get longer in terms of protection from a car polish but generally it did what it said on the packaging.

Check Out Turtle Wax T-468R ICE Liquid Wax at Amazon

It’s an ideal polish if you just want something that is easy to apply and remove all over the car and as long as you could spend 20-30 minutes every 2-3 weeks then this polish would be ideal for you. My wife uses this one and she likes it a lot. You can read more by clicking on the link ice car polish reviews.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my top 10 car polish reviews and in particular my top three car polish product reviews.